The Temple of Rats !!! kuilnya surga tikus


sumber :

The Karni Mata Hindu temple was built by Maharajah Ganga Singh in the early
1900s as a tribute to the rat goddess, Karni Mata and the most intriguing aspect
of it, is that it€__s home for over 20.000 worshiped rats.
The legend behind this temple is that Karni Mata, a matriarch from the 14th
century was a reincarnation of Durga, the goddess of power and victory. at
one point one of her clansmen€__s child died and she tried to bring it back to
life only to be told by Yama, the god of death that he had already reincarnated
as a rat. Karni Mata struck a deal with Tama, that all her dead clansmen would
reincarnate as rats, until they were ready to be born again into the tribe.