Makanan KALENG nikmat dan lezatttt…


sumber :

Now what can i say.. each day there’s so many new recipe all over the world.. from a normal one and then an extreme one. like this Horrifying and Disgusting Food, are these food are worth to call as a food?? there are a ant’s egg, a roasted scorpion.. hmm.. yummy.. want to taste it?? OK stay tune in worldmustbecrazy the place where you can find many craziest things. here is Horrifying and Disgusting Food for you

OK Let’s we start with

Ant’s Egg


What they’re put all the ant’s egg in that bottle?? what does that function??

Thai Frog Meal

Uurgh.. i never imagine that someone will make a frog as a can food.. and those also have 3 flavors

Grasshopper Curry

Another weird and odd food.. do you wanna taste it??

Giant Water Bug Curry

Here is another curry.. wew.. i think i’ll leave this food.. avoid it

Snake in a bottle

Like we know.. chinesse people have so many recipes based on snake.. like this one.. maybe this is great for medication such as snake syrup.. like we know that snake bile is great for a man’s vitality

Roasted Scorpions

Want to taste this snack anyone?? it must be crispy but creepy… hehehe dare to try this food??

Scorpion Whiskey

I Don’t know why they make this?? are there no other whiskey?? yucks.. are the poison is still on the scorpion’s tail?? i won’t drink those whiskey even someone pay me a billion dollar.. so how about you??

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