Hewan Tamandua yang UNIK


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The coolest dude among all animals, and then some.

Tamandua (Tamandua tetradactyla) is a smaller species of anteaters, but some would say they are the “perfect” anteaters – just the right size, and just the right amount of coolness.

They are most closely related to sloths and armadillos, but seeing these pictures you will wonder if you aren’t related to them yourself. It seems they know how special they look, and don’t mind posing in sweaters and other handmade clothes.


TamanduaGirl (see Anteater Entertainment) keeps two South American anteaters – tamanduas Pua and Stewie – in her house. See the photo chronicle of their life in this set and videos on this page.

Waking up and “yawning” shows the true length of their tongue:

The owner says: “They are very smart. They know how to open the fridge, open the doors…”

“They know how to open the window, open drawers, open cabinets, open containers, climb the door frame, and respond to their name.”

“The dogs are scared of their long tails; and some tamanduas may use their long claws on almost anything, including your furniture. They like to tear things up when given the chance like coconuts and logs”.

To avoid puncturing their palms with their sharp claws, they walk on the outsides of their hands. They can wave their arms at you, and almost say “hello” –

Do your homework and be prepared to put with many surprises, if you consider an anteater as a pet. First of all, they don’t come cheap (up to $4,500) – and they need a special diet (unless you have an endless supply of ants, but even then, they need a supplement) Tamanduas are very loving, but just like cats, they tend to “let you” love them.

However, when they do hug you, it’s impossibly cute:

Some clothes just go perfectly with tamanduas:

Traveling in a car does not seem to faze them, only pique their curiosity:

And then, there is love and romance:

They seem to be well aware of their awesomeness:
“OK, ok, no applause will be needed” –